Arrábida’s Natural Park

Quinta de Santo António is located in the natural park of the ridge of Arrábida. Due to its location, it is the perfect place to stay when visiting the area, discovering a beautiful and immense territory of adventure, retreat and history.

Spread around a 10,000 hectares area, the park is a candidate for UNESCO’s Heritage Sight since February 2013, due to the rich and diverse characteristics of its landscape: from a dense mantel of green vegetation to the white limestone cliffs; from the unique examples of Mediterranean maquis to the perfect encounter of the ridge with the clear Atlantic blue waters.

The park is composed by two elevations. The first is the ridge of Arrábida, at 499 meters height. The second is the ridge of Risco, the highest promontory in the Portuguese coast, 380 meters high. Astonishing views from the sea excel from both points.

On the ridge of Arrábida one can still find some human traces, like the old Franciscan convent that seems to hold a small town inside, with several houses, a church and a prison. A visit to this place is highly recommended.

Arrábida is also known for the agricultural richness. The region’s cheeses and wines, produced in the lovely village of Azeitão, are considered some of the best in the country.

Come and visit this region, the perfect combination between the pureness of the ridge with the immensity of the sea. Its natural appeal is irresistible.