30km of sand from Meco to Caparica

No more than 30’ away from Quinta de Santo António, you can also choose from any of the 30 km of continuous beaches from Cabo Espichel to the outfall of Tejo. This stretch of golden sand has excellent oceanic beaches and scenic cliffs, most of them part of the Protected Landscape Area of the fossil cliffs of Costa da Caparica.

Going northwards, moving away from Quinta de Santo António, you will first find praia do Meco, one of the first beaches to own a well-defined and licensed area for naturism. Moreover, its wide sandy beach offers great conditions to play football and volleyball or simply just take long walks along the shore. The sea is usually quiet and tempting, but sometimes gets wavy and inviting for surfing or bodyboarding.

Continuing north, you will reach the village of Costa da Caparica. This former characteristic fishing village has now just few of its typical fisherman’s houses and quiet lanes mostly due to the easy access by public and private transportation from the city of Lisbon which converted the village into a crowded and less characteristic place.

This whole continuous extension of beaches is only interrupted by Lagoa de Albufeira. This beautiful lake is fed by seawater through a small canal and separated from the sea by big dunes and a deep pine forest. Its calm waters are ideal both for children and for practicing windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfing.

If you wish to experience bodyboarding, surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing, here are some of the centres available to do so:

Vertigem Azul, Setúbal / vertigemazul@mail.telepac.pt

Escola Rui Meira, Sesimbra / escolaruimeira@gmail.com

Jorge Manuel Lourenço Balau, Costa de Caparica / info@boarderclubportugal.com

Escola de Windsurf elisiario, Almada / info@elisiario.com

Miguel Almeida Academia de Surf, Almada / academiadesurf@sapo.pt

Duckdive – Bodyboard & Surf School, Costa de Caparica / duckdive@live.com.pt