Food and Wineries



Your stay at Quinta de Santo António will not be complete without indulging the sweet sin of gluttony. Besides its fish and seafood, the region is also known for being a land of great wines, cheeses and sweets.

The region includes two areas of distinctive gastronomic traditions: The coastal part, dominated by fish dishes, and the interior, where you can taste the typical cuisine of Alentejo.

Being a region of very fresh fish and seafood, the high quality of fishery and cookery made it common to associate some of the species to particular lands, for instances, the hake and swordfish from Sesimbra, or the mullets and cuttlefish from Setúbal. Moreover, the fish stew, eel stew, fish soup, monkfish soup with pennyroyal, baked clams and roast horse mackerel are also some of the best kwown specialities you will find. In areas of major Alentejo influence the gastronomic ambience is diverse and definitely you will not forget ‘migas’ with pork, ‘açorda à alentejana’, fried rabbit or ‘chispe no forno’.

The sweets are also very rich and varied, and you definitely ought to taste ‘pinhoadas’ and pine nut cakes from Alcácer, orange sweets from Setúbal, ‘beijinhos’ and pies from Azeitão and also ‘fogaças’ and pears cooked in muscatel wine from Palmela.

Also cheese is very characteristic of this region. Representing a traditional manufacturing activity of the Natural Park of Arrábida, the cheese of Azeitão is a buttery cheese made from sheep milk. Its characterized by a unique flavour and aroma, conferred by the pastures of Arrábida and the thistle that is used in its clotting.

Another gastronomic product typical of Arrábida is honey and it has a velvety and very distinctive flavour. The abundance of aromatic herbs (rosemary, myrtle, cistus, thyme and gorse, among many others), coupled with the temperate climate of winters, offers ideal conditions for beekeeping.


It is clear that all these delicacies must have their appropriate wine from the region: White, red or liqueur wine, take your pick.

This is one of the oldest wine regions of Portugal, with a past history worthy of respect and a present that foresees a bright future. Azeitão, Palmela and Setúbal are the centres of the wine region that as the years go by is more sought after for the quality and prices of its wines.

It is known for the famous Moscatel of Setúbal, the red wines from Periquita variety and the whites from variety Fernão Pires. In fact, two of the largest national wine producers are established in Azeitão.

You are invited to roam this privileged region and enjoy the landscape and its people, the history, heritage and culture, the wineries, the wines and other charms carefully selected so that you enjoy the most in your tour through the wine world of Azeitão, Palmela and surroundings.

Here are the contacts of some of the properties, wineries and historical producers you may wish to visit:

Rua José Augusto Coelho, 11/13
Tel: (+351)21 219 89 40 / Email:

Tours on weekdays from 10h00 to 12h15 and 14h00 to 17h30. Tours include wine tasting and must be booked in advance.

Bacalhôa – Vinhos de Portugal 

Estrada Nacional 10

Tel: (+351)21 219 80 60 / Email:

Tours – Minimum 2, maximum 40 people. Tours with wine tasting take 60 minutes. Tours have to be booked in advance. Monday to Sunday: 9H30 | 10H30 | 11H30 | 14H30 | 15H30 | 16H30.

– Adega Cooperativa de Palmela, C.R.L.
Palmela Gare
Tel:21 233 70 20 / E-mail:

Guided tours with wine tasting: Monday to Friday – 9:00/1700 | Saturday and Sunday only when booked in advance.

– Cooperativa Agrícola Sto. Isidro de Pegões, C.R.L.
Rua Pereira das Caldas, 1
Tel: 265 89 88 60/2

Tours from Monday to Friday. Booking in advance is mandatory.

– Emídio de Oliveira e Silva & Filhos

E.N. 379/2
Tel: 21 235 00 37 / E-mail:

Guided tours with or without wine tasting from Monday to Saturday. Booking in advance is mandatory.

– Sociedade Vinícola de Palmela

Sítio da Lage
Tel: 21 235 12 64

– Sociedade Agrícola de Pegos Claros

Tel: 265 89 62 21

Guided tours from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00.

Guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays require booking in advance.

– Venâncio da Costa Lima,

Tel: 21 288 80 20 / E-mail:
Guided tours from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00.