Arrábida’s beaches

The set of beaches closer to Quinta de Santo António is located between Cabo Espichel and the north shore of the outfall of Sado, embraced by the beautiful and splendid Serra da Arrábida and the immense blue sea.

These remarkable beaches facing south, with a pleasant climate and mild temperatures, are characterized by vast areas of fine white sand. Where various shades of blue clear waters contrast with the verdant landscape of the mountains creating an astonishing setting. Not only praia da Figueirinha and praia de Galapos and Galapinhos, but also praia do Portinho da Arrábida are definitely one of the most stunning beaches in Portugal plain examples of this wondrous scenery.

(NOTE: All these beaches have easy access, lifeguard surveillance and cafes/restaurants, as well as the usual rental of tents and chairs)

Among these phenomenal beaches there are many others that although smaller are yet full of charm and pleasing surprises. Despite difficult access and the lack of typical beach facilities, beaches like praia de Albarquel, praia de Alportuche or praia dos Coelhos, are some of these small coves where you can spend an unforgettable and more reserved summer day surrounded by the amid rocky outcrops, the immense blue waters and the grand mountain range.

As part of the numerous activities available in the region of Arrábida, it is possible to practice underwater diving and observe the vast marine diversity. Nevertheless, underwater fishing is strictly forbidden, as the seabed is part of the nature reserve of the region. If you want to dive in these crystalline waters in the company of experienced professionals please contact one of the following nautical centres:


Anthia Diving Center, Sesimbra /

Bolhas Actividades Maritímo-Turísticas, Sesimbra /

Vertente Natural, Sesimbra /