Alentejo, the relaxing plain

Alentejo is considered one of the most relaxing and beautiful Portuguese regions, due to its landscape composed of extensive fields of cereal, its cork and olive trees, and characteristic white-colored towns. It is the biggest region on the south margin of the Tagus river. This is another rich experience possible to visit for the guests of Quinta de Santo António.

You can choose to go through the Coast, from Tróiato Sines, and go to the beautiful beaches of the region, or just head straight to the interior and discover its charming villages. You can drive up to Evora, the region’s biggest city and UNESCO heritage, due to its labyrinthine streets, sun-open squares, gothic portals, Roman temples and Muslim themes, all surrounded by a set of antique medieval walls

Another worthwhile visit is to go to Alcácer do Sal, an old historical town of incredible beauty. Loose yourself through the tight streets and climb the small stairs to the castle, from where you can see the curve of Sado river that baths the idyllic green plains of the region.

To finish, you cannot leave Alentejo without having a taste of its extraordinary and delicious cuisine, made out of simple elements such as bread, pork and oil. It is one of the country’s finest gastronomies.