An outstanding villa


Quinta de Santo António was acquired by the current owners in 1987. This couple, she Portuguese and him Scottish, found in this sunny villa in the south of Europe more than an opportunity, the family dream of a lifetime.

It started as a small house with very low living conditions but even then, it already possessed many of the exceptional qualities that characterize it today: A unique location and reserved atmosphere in the Natural Park of Arrábida, breath-taking and privileged scenery over the immense protected valley of the Park with Serra do Risco outlining the horizon and an unparalleled miscellanea of smells, aromas, colours and wildlife distinctive in each season.

As time went by, the desire of turning Quinta de Santo António into the main residence of the family, and also the growth of the household, led the owners to undertake a careful and thorough work of architecture in 1994, which transformed the original house into the current property.

The constant praising from friends on the immense privilege that was the fruition of Quinta de Santo António led the owners to consider renting it for short seasons. Since 1997, renting activities have taken place in Quinta de Santo António with great success and with a considerable number of guests who year after year choose the house as their vacation address.

In fact, the privilege of experiencing Quinta de Santo António is more than the house itself. It is being embraced everyday by the beauty of the landscape, the simultaneous proximity to the meadow, the mountain and the sea, as well as all the richness of archaeological resources and historic and cultural activities that the region of peninsula of Setúbal has to offer. Actually, it is this ability to be both a place of serenity and relaxation and the starting point of exciting tours on the discovery of the wonders of the region that made the family fall in love with it .

Following the decision of renting Quinta de Santo António, it has undergone continuous improvements over the years. In early 2013 the house suffered major changes especially in each of the four rooms in order to offer an ultimate quality place to stay overnight.

This is our Quinta de Santo António. The exquisite privilege of a lifetime of clean fresh air close to the city of Lisboa. The house where we always dreamed of waking up, spending our days and rest at nightfall.

Our dream at your disposal.